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The Reserve at Carrollton | Never too late for a Bucket List!

Every time summer gets here, we can’t wait to get our bucket list made that will include all our best adventures for the summer, trying out new things, and living life carefree. With less than 30 days left of summer, for most of us, now is the perfect time to fit in any last minute bucket list items you had! Summer ’17 has been all about time spent with family and friends, preparing ourselves for the upcoming school year, and doing things we never thought possible last summer. All in all, it has been one for the books! Time to go out with a bang!


Here are a few last minute bucket list items you can add to your impressive list-

  1. Enjoy live music at your county or state fair

  2. Cook everything on a grill & invite your friends over for a fun night

  3. Take a nap in a hammock

  4. Watch/catch the fireflies at dusk

  5. Take a family (or friends) photo just because

  6. Do a three-day technology detox (that means no social media!)

  7. Read 3 books off the NYT best seller’s list

  8. Fly a kite

  9. Clean out your closet and declutter around the house

  10. Take a trip to the zoo or aquarium

  11. Attend a baseball game & splurge on the good seats

  12. Dance in the rain instead of running inside to avoid it

  13. Have an all-day Netflix move marathon

  14. Volunteer locally t Blog

For more bucket list items, take a look here à